Love Hunters

Authentic Vojvodinian label since 1987

During the celebration of the Serbian (Orthodox) New Year’s Eve in 1997, in Republic Square in Belgrade in 1997, in the midst of the student protests, in front of the 500 thousand people, Love Hunters had one of its most important gigs. This event was listed as one of the largest open air shows ever held in Serbia.

In The Netherlands, the band recorded their third studio album Azimuth produced by Mile Ćirić, released by Komuna record label. The music video for their megahit “There” was directed by the ever famous Ivan Šijak. During these years, they were topping the charts on all the existing radio stations and TV channels, being the permanent headliners during the famous concert of the year in Novi Sad.

Following these events, Mumin bears the flattering title Person of the Year ’97. He also takes part in music production for the theatre plays San letnje noći (A Midsummer Night’s Dream) and Gospođica Julija (Miss Juliet).

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