Love Hunters

Authentic Vojvodinian label since 1987

Love Is Hell

I love you that’s my sin, nowhere you can hide,
I’m sorry they told you, everything I’m not.

And nothing you can do just let me to
Find a way out far from people.
No way out, another time, another place, love is hell!

And nothing you can do to let me in,
And we both die under this heaven,
Cause haven is in your room,
Black and wild, black and free, you and me!

And none of my prayers never can be realised.
My Indian profile somewhere you could have lost.

And even if you want to save me out,
I am lost deep in my self yet!
Cause near that bar you lost all yours,
I want go back when I was young!

Only you can save me, no you can’t, I don’t want.
I wanna say goodbye life, oh so long.
Love is hell! She didn’t exist!

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