Love Hunters

Authentic Vojvodinian label since 1987


Wait Rowena, it’s so obvious
Besides your father said so
Some silly reasons often have a stupid shape
And we all — follow them!

Watch out, sister
I remember too far
And someone’s gonna make you again
You’ll see, darling, happy people are all around
But it is fake by itself

But then are god damn right…
Don’t listen to me, not all this night!
We are god damn naive
We got no hope but we got fear

Don’t live — you’ll be a bad man
Don’t love — you’ll be a sad man
Don’t be someone else in anyone else’s life

Don’t live — mind your own business
Don’t love — you won’t break through this
Tell me that you won’t try
Tell me so I’ll die
Tell me so and let love grow

Do you know girl you don’t need to own
And my life could have been saved
Have no master don’t be owner
Unhuman shape
Take care of me
Great looser’s love

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