Love Hunters

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The Closing Door

As I look forward there is only you and me
Naked with perversity…
But there is one thing that I’ve always tried to tell you
I’m not interested in that

Maybe it’s ’cos those for whom love is over
Or for those who still know nothing…
We gotta let ’em try to find their sunny way
I have so many things to show to you
But I don’t know if I know you
’Cos of me who’s been guilty since he was born

But’ I ve nothing to payIs there any panic, is it cold?
Can you keep open closing door?
Are you waiting, as I always used to do?

Was there lighting through the night?
Was love over at first sight?
Are you burning, do you love someone for me?

Here I am standing right beside me closing door….
You can open it for me
But there is one thing…
Oh, I almost forgot to tell you
I’m not interested in thatIs there anyone for me?
Is there anything for me?

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