Love Hunters

Authentic Vojvodinian label since 1987


Streetlife I wanna explain to you
And you may understand or not
Streetlife is life!

You went where I beg you
Thousand times not to
Where sleepin’ hard and working man
Waits to kill Good in you.

Strong boys, I think they haven’t another job
They’re just waiting for mercy from God.
But mercy, guess whos that?

She kissed another
So you were to leave before us
We’ll mention you before and after lunch
It’s not a pity ’cos you wished so.

Daggers flashing through the dark
And you hear God’s word on the street
But that’s reality cuts the meat
Better run and hide yourself, they’re not
From God, they not from hell that’s waiting
For you next. Don’t die here, not here!

Streetlamps now you can see
Or guess from blood
And all that pain from our drinks
Illusion young ones

Now I go, ’cos I don’t hear so long for you
I don’t even have hope for you, I go, I go!

They said: “Wrong way, wrong way to the
Walley of your dreams!”
You stepped into the streetlife zone.

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